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b43 in DebWrt

Even though OpenWrt promises that b43 is now stable and working I, unfortunately, can prove otherwise. See ticket on OpenWrt 7552. More people still report problems. It remains silent yet from the OpenWrt team. And the Linux Wireless' b43 page still report packet loss with high transmission rates for some chipsets. Not a long time ago I saw a new kernel module option in OpenWrt, trunk: Proprietary BCM43xx WiFi? driver. While the word proprietary scares me, I hope this will be the answer for the coming period for working wireless in AP mode with WPA2 on bcm47xx, kernel 2.6. I managed to get the kernel module to compile and load in DebWrt and do a iwlist scan on it.

Compile DebWrt, see DebWrtSvn, and then run the following script ( found on OpenWrt, lightly adjusted ):



if [ -d "$sysfs" ]; then
    for lnk in $sysfs/*; do
        [ -h "$lnk" ] || continue
        case "${lnk##*/}" in
                echo "Unbinding WL PCI device ${lnk##*/} from B43 SSB bridge"
                echo -n "${lnk##*/}" > "$sysfs/unbind"


  • modprobe wl
  • iwlist scan

I'm want to work on cross compiling the following tools to get full AP support. But time. Anyone?

  • nas - Proprietary Broadcom WPA/WPA2 authenticator
  • wl - Proprietary Broadcom wl driver config utility
  • wlc - wl driver setup utility