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TP-Link TL-WR1043ND



Either build from source or download from above(todo). Firmware can be installed via:

  1. U-Boot / Serial Console using tftp, ftp, etc
  2. mtd ( upgrade from OpenWrt or any other distro supporting MTD )
  3. TP-Link Web Interface in original firmware

Basically all methods supported and described by OpenWrt for the TL-WR1043ND are usable for DebWrt, since DebWrt of course uses a slightly patched OpenWrt kernel/firmware.

U-Boot / Serial Console

This requires soldering a serial connection. See serial console and see TL-WR1043ND page for specific soldering information. Getting the cover removed is somewhat a challenge and perfectly described. Please make sure to read this OpenWrt device page entirely. It contains a lot of information about the board, flashing, etc.

See bootloader page on boot loaders in general and U-Boot specific.

Setting up tftp server

Start a TFTP server on your build host or host where you downloaded the firmware. For example:

sudo /sbin/ifconfig eth0:1
chmod 777 /home/bitten/work/tlwr1043nd/bin/ar71xx-testing-2.1-1-default
sudo /usr/sbin/atftpd --user root \
                                   --daemon \
                                   --no-fork \
                                   --logfile - \
                                   --bind-address \
                                   -v  \

By default U-Boot bootloader will connect to a TFTP server on

Flashing DebWrt

Start minicom before poweron the device. When the message "Autobooting in 1 seconds" is displayed, quickly type 'tpc' to interrupt the boot process. Next load the DebWrt firmware using TFTP and flash it.

tftpboot 0x81000000 debwrt-firmware-ar71xx-generic-tl-wr1043nd-v1-squashfs-factory.bin
erase 0xbf020000 +7c0000
cp.b 0x81000000 0xbf020000 0x7c0000
bootm 0xbf020000

See DebWrt boot log on TP-Link WR1043ND. It shows the output of the entire re-flash and boot procedure.


If you have already have OpenWrt on another OS running with MTD support, flash a new firmware by:

scp user@host:debwrt-firmware-ar71xx-generic-tl-wr1043nd-v1-squashfs-factory.bin .
mtd -r write debwrt-firmware-ar71xx-generic-tl-wr1043nd-v1-squashfs-factory.bin firmware

TP-Link Web Interface in original firmware

Theoretically it should be possible to load the the DebWrt firmware( debwrt-firmware-ar71xx-generic-tl-wr1043nd-v1-squashfs-factory.bin ) via the firmware update page of the default manufacturer web interface. However I did not succeed. The OpenWrt firmware however loaded without problem. Once OpenWrt is on it, the MTD method above can be used to upgrade to a DebWrt firmware.

Note: I did not actually flash, but the interface accepted the bin file, instead of rejecting it like it rejected the DebWrt firmware I tried