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General activities

  • Make announce and devel lists 'read-only' / newsletter type
  • Send mail to DebWrt users about new mailing lists
  • Place news request to ask for developers who want to help with the project
  • Create a wiki page with current members ( /me and stappers )
  • Add WordPress? generic footer also to Trac site
  • Make header bg image continue in content div for download and development tabs
  • Fix Empty white bar on the main site
  • Show not only created-at but also last-change-at date for posts / pages on main site
  • Create info e-mail address which only forwards e-mail to /me and stappers
  • Take care of incremental and full backups
  • Encourage more users to take part of the DebWrt project somehow ( people are very willing to do some testing, write wiki pages and provide images they created themselves with the debwrt dev env )

Project roadmap

  • Write down project roadmap ( e.g. create page on whats now only in my head :-) )
  • Break roadmap down in smaller development tasks ( new features )


  • Fix bugs
  • Fix accepted ER's
  • Implement new features
  • Test

Hardware support

  • Increase number of downloadable images
  • Increase number of wiki page on specific hardware


  • Create user documentation framework in wiki
  • Write user documentation
  • Create development environment documentation framework in wiki
  • Write development environment documentation
  • Structure all existing wiki pages