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New page, how to post install

Actions to be done after the debootstrap --second-stage. It is to finish the installation. This page should be generic, so it will useable for all devices. (Device specific notes are on the device page)


Install the locales

aptitude install locales

(see ticket #9 if this aptitude install is still needed)

Configure the locales for your preferred language

dpkg-reconfigure locales

Switch config tool

Your debwrt device may have a network switch. You could be fine with the default configuration.

For configuration the network switch for your (special) purpose you will need a switch config tool. Examples of such programs are robocfg and swconfig. You have to install it yourself.


How to cope with firmware is really really hardware specific. See the device page or create it ...

Start order

Activate Dependency based boot sequence

dpkg-reconfigure sysv-rc