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DebWrt Networking

The Debian package debwrt-net is the package with all DebWrt related network scripts and settings. In time will contain network configuration for many devices. But for now it can be used for broadcom based devices or as a template for other devices.

Basically this package turns the device into a full Wireless Access Point / router. Much like stock OpenWrt would setup the router. It was tested on Asus WL-500g Premium v1.

Important is to check the switch(robocfg) configuration. See OpenWrt hardware wiki for your device's specific switch port mappings and update /etc/network/interfaces.broadcom.


  • Build from SVN or download
  • Install package
    dpkg -i debwrt-net_0.1_all.deb
  • Create backup of /etc/network/interfaces
  • Enable the new configuration
    ln -s /etc/network/interfaces.broadcom /etc/network/interfaces
  • Enable dnsmasq in /etc/defaults/dnsmasq
  • reboot ( to load correct kernel modules, etc )

Full Wireless AP/Router/Firewall/DNS server/DHCP server

  • Blacklists b43 driver
  • Loads wl driver
  • Everything is controlled from /etc/network/interfaces
  • Switch is configured ( note: check how the switch ports are configured )
  • Wireless G, channel 5
  • SSID: DebWrt
  • WPA2 PSK password: debwrtdebwrt
  • dnsmasq DHCP and DNS server ( - )
  • Minimum firewall with masquerade ( /etc/firewall/ )
  • IP Forwarding enabled ( /etc/sysctl.d/debwrt.conf )
  • DHCP on WAN port


  • dpkg -L debwrt-net for an overview of files and settings.
  • use a serial console to test things out
  • setup an alias interface bound to one or all of the switch ports with a specific IP to have a fallback in case things don't work.
  • you can always mount your root fs on another machine and move a working /etc/network/interfaces file back in place