DebWrt Netconsole

DebWrt by default includes netconsole for devices with no normal serial interface. With netconsole it is possible to have all kernel boot messages ( not the messages from init and initscripts! ) forwarded over the network to a remote computer. eth0 is used as interface to forward messages from. Note that eth0 may vary from device to device.


Configuration is done by kernel boot parameter with


That means

  • Embedded device: 6665@
    • device eth0
    • address
    • port 6665
  • Remote computer: 6666@
    • address
    • port 6666

The kernel boot parameter netconsole is defined during make menuconfig as part of CONFIG_CMDLINE.

Remote computer setup

  • configure the LAN port on the remote computer connected to the eth0 on the device with:
    • ip: 192,.168.1.2
    • netmask:
    • no default gw
  • use netcat to listen for UDP packets on port 6666 and dump contents to the console
    nc -l -p 6666 -u

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