Short information about the board

  • Serial port
  • Network boot on Eth1/PoE port

Staged Install

The board comes in a nice case. But that case makes it difficult to the update the SD card.

The trick is to install in several stages. ( stage as in Tour de France, not as stage in a pop concert )

  • AoE
  • Rootfs on SD
  • Kernel in MTD

ATA over Ethernet

Compile block driver ATA over Ethernet Kernel command line options change

root=/dev/sda1 ... rootdelay=15 ...


root=/dev/etherd/e55.0p1 ... rootwait ...


Rootfs on SD

When booted from AoE you

  • partition the SD
  • mkfs -t ext3 /dev/sda1
  • Copy the rootfs to SD

Kernel in MTD

Build a new kernel which has {{{ root=/dev/sda1 }}} and flash it with the MikroTik? firmware.


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