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kernel directory

make menuconfig is from the Linux Kernel world. And used in OpenWrt, so also in DebWrt

This make menuconfig is about hardware that is also available in qemu. It is an MIPS motherboard virtualized.

To understand this wiki page you should known that malta has

  • a MIPS processor
  • a Am79c970 PC-Net PCI Ethernet card
  • a PIIX IDE controllor

And that malta is supported by OpenWrt.

More about malta at

make menuconfig

Go to the toplevel directory where you have your debwrt files. For me it is

cd /usr/src/debwrt


make menuconfig

You should get a page like this make menuconfig

Leave the cursor where it is and press enter to get the submenu default target system

Move the cursor down

scroll target system

Until you get malta

Malta target system

Press spacebar which should give you

Malta selected as the target system

Now tab for exit

yes, save


take a walk, first time openwrt build is running.

make menuconfig take two


Next fine tune kernel

cd /usr/src/debwrt/build/openwrt-malta-le_Default-trunk-default/build_dir/linux-malta_le/linux-
make menuconfig

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Work in progress




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