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Remove reference to robocfg as it is not used on the WRT610Nv2

Linksys WRT610Nv2

The linksys WRT610Nv2 is now supported on debwrt, at this time no images will be provided. You must compile for yourself using the plugin included below.

  • broadcom-wl utilities (wl, wlc & nas) are used to configure the wireless adapter.

Please note that the broadcom gmac driver is not covered by a GPL compliant licence. Use of it in any way is done so at your own discretion.

Compiling From Source

Follow instructions here with a few modifications:

  1. After checking out the DebWrt Build Environment, download and extract the attached archive to the plugins directory. brcm4716-plugin-20110614.tar.gz
  1. Follow the rest of the instructions as shown on the above link.

General notes about the modified source files (the ones in the above archive)

  • The new plugin facility automatically patches the DebWrt config files to create brcm4716 based device targets as well as select all required packages and options.