Change History for LinksysWRT610N

Version Date Author Comment
13 7 years shinton@… Centralize information and updates to the rt-n16 wiki page
12 8 years shinton@… Remove download link for plugin to allow for debugging
11 8 years shinton@… Major plugin update
10 8 years shinton@… Revert changes due to build error
9 8 years shinton@… Update plugin, for details see post in rt-n16 forum thread
8 8 years anonymous spelling
7 8 years anonymous
6 8 years anonymous
5 8 years shinton@… Update plugin to kernel version 3.0.3, reword disclaimer
4 8 years shinton@… Remove reference to robocfg as it is not used on the WRT610Nv2
3 9 years shinton@… Updated brcm4716 with new patchset, fixes recovery mode upon reboot issue
2 9 years shinton@… Removed reference to pre-compiled rootfs as it is not available for …
1 9 years shinton@… Create wiki page for the WRT610Nv2