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     1= Linksys E3000v1 =
     3The linksys E3000v1 is now supported on debwrt, at this time no images will be provided. You must compile for yourself using the plugin included below.
     5   * robocfg is used to configure the manageable switch.
     6   * broadcom-wl utilities (wl, wlc & nas) are used to configure the wireless adapter. If using the pre-compiled rootfs you must download and install the following debian package to be able to configure the wireless adapter. [ broadcom-wl_5.]
     8** Please note that the broadcom gmac driver is not covered by a GPL compliant licence. Use of it in any way is done so at your own discretion.
     10= Compiling From Source =
     12Follow instructions [ here] with a few modifications:
     131. After checking out the DebWrt Build Environment, download and extract the attached archive to the plugins directory. [ brcm4716-plugin-20110529.tar.gz]
     152. Follow the rest of the instructions as shown on the above link.
     18**General notes about the modified source files (the ones in the above archive)
     19- The new plugin facility automatically patches the DebWrt config files to create brcm4716 based device targets as well as select all required packages and options.