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The EdgeRouter Lite is yet another very affordable, high performance solution from Ubiquity. And now runs DebWrt!

Firmware []
Modules []
RootFS [ mips (Big Endian)]


Installation is somewhat different from 'standard' embedded devices. The erlite has a small 2GB USB drive inside. A drive which can be replaced if needed. Normally we need to flash a device, but with the erlite both kernel and root filesystem reside on the USB drive. Which makes it an ideal device for running DebWrt.

There are 2 installation methods possible:

  • NFS boot (requires serial console)
  • Using another computer (device needs to be opened and USB disk removed)

If you don't wan't to open the device, or want to test DebWrt, use NFS boot. If you don't mind opening the device, remove the USB disk and install the kernel and rootfs using another computer. The latter is the easiest installation type.

NFS boot

This requires access to the serial console(see below), TFTP server and NFS server. Example configurations available in this article. Note that this article uses Ubuntu to run the TFTP and NFS servers.

Setup TFTP Server (DNSMasq) ===

Replace [IP-DNS-SERVER] with the IP-address of your DNS server. This may be useful if you want to connect the erlite to your network/internet later on.

Put the following in /etc/dnsmasq.conf.


Restart the DNS server

/etc/init.d/dnsmasq restart

Setup NFS kernel server ===

Prepare the NFS root filesystem:

mkdir -p /nfs/rootfs
tar xf debwrt-modules-octeon-generic-[kernel-version]-[debwrt-version].tar.gz -C /nfs/rootfs
tar xf debwrt-rootfs-octeon-generic-[kernel-version]-[debwrt-version].tar.gz -C /nfs/rootfs

Setup the NFS export by adding the following line to /etc/exports:


And restart the kernel server

/etc/init.d/nfs-kernel-server restart

Boot device over NFS

Plugin the serial console, start minicom -w on your PC (after configure it with sudo minicom -s). And power up the erlite. Press CTRL-C to access the U-Boot command line prompt.

Build from source

No downloadable images yet. Compile manually one using DebWrt trunk. Choose 'octeon' as target. And make sure to select the newly added option 'Enable root filesystem over NFS (boot over NFS)', CONFIG_DEBWRT_NFS_ROOT=y.

Serial console connection

To connect to the RJ45 console port, use an Cisco Console cable (RJ45 to DB9). Or solder / 'hack' one using an (old) RJ45 cable and an (old) serial cable (DB female). I tested the latter and it turns out that only three wires need to be connected for full serial connection: GND, RX, TX. Quick and dirty but works like a charm.