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The EdgeRouter Lite is yet another very affordable, high performance solution from Ubiquity, now runs DebWrt!

Firmware []
Modules []
RootFS [ mips (Big Endian)]

Build from source

No downloadable images yet. Compile manually one using DebWrt trunk. Choose 'octeon' as target. And make sure to select the newly added option 'Enable root filesystem over NFS (boot over NFS)', CONFIG_DEBWRT_NFS_ROOT=y.

Console connection

To connect to the RJ45 console port, use an Cisco Console cable (RJ45 to DB9). Or solder or 'hack' one using (old) RJ45 cable and (old) serial cable (DB female). I tested the latter and it turns out that only three wires need to be connected for full serial connection: GND, RX, TX.