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DebWrt Build Environment manual

Latest version can be found:

use: make <target>

Available targets:

help                             : This help

<no-target>                      : Build it all

flash                            : Flash(sftp) image to default IP of target device

menuconfig                       : DebWrt menu config
config                           : DebWrt config
defconfig                        : Create default DebWrt Configuration
oldconfig                        : DebWrt old config
config-clean                     : Clean DebWrt config
config/target                    : Update DebWrt target devices list with OpenWrt's list

openwrt/all                      : Build all of OpenWrt
openwrt/build                    : Build OpenWrt
openwrt/download                 : Download
openwrt/prepare                  : Prepare OpenWrt
openwrt/merge-config             : Merge DebWrt and OpenWrt config
openwrt/download-link            : Set the OpenWrt dowload dir
openwrt/patch                    : Apply DebWrt patches to OpenWrt sources
openwrt/checkout                 : SVN checkout OpenWrt
openwrt/update                   : SVN update OpenWrt
openwrt/menuconfig               : OpenWrt menu config
openwrt/kernel_menuconfig        : Kernel menu config
openwrt/clean                    : Clean build directories ( bin/ build_dir/ )
openwrt/dirclean                 : Clean build directories and cross-compile tools
openwrt/distclean                : Clean build directories and cross-compile tools and everything else ( including downloads and .config )
openwrt/debwrt-clean             : Remove OpenWrt checkout entirely

openwrt/deliver/prepare          : Prepare delivery
openwrt/deliver/import-config    : Display run time compile information
openwrt/deliver/check            : Check run time compile information
openwrt/deliver/image            : Deliver firmware images
openwrt/deliver/kernel-modules   : Deliver kernel-modules package and sources
openwrt/deliver/kernel-headers   : Deliver kernel-header package and sources
openwrt/deliver/packages         : Deliver OpenWrt's ipk packages for reference
openwrt/deliver/config           : Deliver DebWrt, OpenWrt and kernel .config files
openwrt/deliver/clean            : Clean delivery directory ( bin/ )

ch                               : Enter DebWrt build environment change root as "root"
chu                              : Enter DebWrt build environment change root as "user"
debian/buildenv/create           : Create DebWrt build environment
debian/buildenv/prepare          : Prepare DebWrt build environment 
debian/buildenv/emdebian-prepare : Install Emdebin into the DebWrt build environment
debian/buildenv/qemu-prepare     : Setup pre-requisites for Qemu ( currently not used )
debian/buildenv/qemu-build       : Build Qemu ( currently not used )
debian/buildenv/clean            : Clean build environment ( entire chroot is deleted )

debian/package/rootfs            : Build all DebWrt Debian packages use in the target Debian root filesystem
debian/package/clean             : Clean all DebWrt Debian packages
debian/package/<pkg-name>/deliver: Deliver DebWrt Debian package <pkg-name>
debian/package/<pkg-name>/build  : Build DebWrt Debian package <pkg-name>
debian/package/<pkg-name>/prepare: Prepare DebWrt Debian package <pkg-name>
debian/package/<pkg-name>/clean  : Clean DebWrt Debian package <pkg-name>

debian/rootfs                    : Create target Debian root filesystem
debian/rootfs/install            : Install Debian root filesystem into /media/DEBWRT_ROOT
debian/rootfs/save               : Create tar.bz2 image from /media/DEBWRT_ROOT ( used by DebWrt to deliver new root fs images )
debian/rootfs/files-install      : Install additional files, including some device files, to the target root filesystem
debian/rootfs/modules-install    : Install the DebWrt modules package into the target root filesystem
debian/rootfs/bootstrap          : Debootstrap of the target root filesystem
debian/rootfs/unpack             : Re-Unpack all packages installed by debootstrap ( seemed to be needed in the past )
debian/rootfs/debwrt-packages    : Unpack DebWrt cross compiled packages into the target root filesystem
debian/rootfs/clean-rootfs-dir   : Clean the target root filesystem
debian/rootfs/post-setup         : Post install 
debian/rootfs/clean              : Clean it all