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All of this work started a couple of years ago when I installed OpenWrt on my Linksys WRT54G router and later on my Asus WL-500GD. Not soon after, I found out that I couldn't install that many additional packages. Actually just 2 or 3. For example, I had to remove the OpenSSL package first before I could install tcpdump to trace some firewalling issues. And soon I came up with several solutions which gave me more and more freedom to do what I want to do:

  • chrooting to an USB stick with OpenWrt rootfs installed gave me my flexibility
  • creating symlinks from the openwrt rootfs to the rootfs on the USB stick
  • adjusting init scripts to even natively boot OpenWrt from stick
  • and then....why not booting Debian???

And since everybody needs a hobby, I decided to take this OpenWrt/Debian? solution and started to create a distribution for it, so others on the net could benefit from my work. The actual work started in 2008. The first real release was in February 2009, and was only targeted at the Asus WL-500GD, including support for kernel 2.6 and kernel 2.4. Since then, people started to find my site and tried DebWrt. And people wanted to have DebWrt also to run on other hardware then the Asus router. And so they sent me their devices and I started creating and testing images for them. And this raised the need for a more sophisticated build environment then I was using. The result of all that work can now be seen on this site.

I hope you enjoy DebWrt!