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     1= Cross-compiling with DebWrt =
     3== Introduction ==
     5Some packages, like the Linux kernel are to big to be compiled on the device(native) itself. We need a cross compile environment for that. DebWrt uses Emdebian to setup a cross-compile environment and to cross-compile some essential packages ported from OpenWrt. It is relatively easy to setup and use the cross compile environment to compile other packages.
     7== Setting up the DebWrt cross compile environment ==
     9Checkout DebWrt from SVN. Then run menuconfig to select the architecture you want to setup the cross compiler(buildenv) for. Then create it. A Debian change root (chroot) will be created. A lot of Debian compile and build related packages will be installed, as well as Emdebian. Emdebian contains the cross-compilers and the corresponding binutils.
     12make menuconfig
     13make debian/buildenv
     14make chu
     17With ''make chu'', you enter the buildenv chroot as the current user. You can also use ''make ch'' to enter the chroot as root.
     19== Cross-compiling Debian source packages ==
     21There is a lot to share about this subject. But for now I would like to give a pointer to the cross compiled DebWrt packages. It contains a lot of 'hidden' knowledge on how to get things compiled in several situations.
     25Some suggestions:
     27   * Sometimes the debian/rules file needs to be adjusted tell it to use the cross compiler
     28   * Sometimes the Makefile of a package needs adjustment