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DebWrt - Debian on embedded devices

DebWrt is all about running Debian GNU/Linux on embedded devices, for example wireless routers. DebWrt connects two very powerful technologies: Debian and OpenWrt. Debian has a great package management system and includes thousands of packages for many architectures. OpenWrt has great Linux kernel support for many embedded devices. Bringing these two strengths together opens a whole new world of possibilities. It is greatly underestimated what these embedded devices are capable of. Running Debian on these devices can turn it into something more than it was supposed to be. It is just one apt-get install away.

Ready to-go firmware images

DebWrt provides downloadable image for a growing list of devices. Flash the device and create a root filesystem and your device is running DebWrt. Users are encouraged to build DebWrt for their device using the DebWrtSvn build environment and upload the images which in turn can be downloaded by other users with the same hardware.

Debian root filesystems

DebWrt provides generic Debian root filesystem images for several architectures.

Build environment

The build environment is a complex environment encapsulating OpenWrt, Emdebian and Debian, using advanced chrooting, debootstrapping and cross compiling techniques. It support

It builds for your architecture:

  • Kernel firmware using OpenWrt
  • Kernel modules using OpenWrt
  • Debian root filesysem
  • Packages ported to debian

It provides your architecture:

  • Emdebian Cross compile environment out of the box