Firmware Generic brcm47xx HDA1 trx
Modules Generic brcm47xx tar.gz
RootFS mipsel

Asus WL-500 HDD

  • Download debwrt-firmware-brcm47xx-squashfs-hda1.trx - this image boots from hda1 instead of sda1
  • Download debwrt-modules-brcm47xx-Broadcom-b43-
  • Download debwrt-rootfs-mipsel-xxx.tar.bz2
  • Follow normal DebWrtInstallation, but:
    • create a partition hda1, ext3 on the internal 2.5" harddisk
    • create a partition hda2, swap
    • adjust /etc/fstab from sda1 to hda1 and sda2 to hda2
    • replace eth0 with eth1 in /etc/network/interfaces ( eth0 is not used in the wl-hdd )
  • Tip use NetConsole to see kernel boot messages
  • Tips on getting access to the internal harddisk and set DebWrt on it
    • Setup USB device with rootfs ( boot with DebWrt firmware which boots from USB )
    • Setup USB device with rootfs ( boot with OpenWrt firmware )
    • Somehow remove the 2,5" harrdisk and connect it to another computer using some converter

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