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Post Install and notes added

This DebWrt project started with the Asus WL-500G DeLuxe?.

Firmware Generic brcm47xx trx
Modules Generic brcm47xx tar.gz
RootFS mipsel
  • robocfg is used to configure the manageable switch ( /etc/init.d/robocfg )
  • b43
  • hostapd supported

Post Install

Besides the generic PostInstall are these device specific actions needed.

  • Edit the file /etc/default/robocfg and make sure there is a line like
  • Have a good /etc/network/interfaces, a way to get one could be
    ln -fs /etc/network/interfaces.lan-wlan-bridge /etc/network/interfaces
  • Execute
    update-rc.d robocfg enable S
    update-rc.d hostapd enable S
  • Reboot


  • Port numbers on the casing do not match the robocfg port numbers. Port 5 of robocfg is indeed the CPU port.
  • Having a USB to serial convertor on the second USB port, can give you a serial console without soldering.