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Add new experimental plugin


The RT-N16 is now user supported, see here for installation instructions.

Firmware debwrt-firmware-brcm4716-squashfs-09092012.trx
Modules debwrt-modules-brcm4716-None-3.3.7-testing-2.1-1-09092012.tar.gz
RootFS debwrt-rootfs-mipsel-2.0-1.tar.bz2

Please note that the broadcom gmac driver is not covered by a GPL compliant licence. Use of it in any way is done so at your own discretion.

See thread here for support discussion.

Compiling From Source

  1. After checking out the DebWrt Build Environment, download and extract one of the attached archive to the plugins directory.

Standard Plugin


Experimental Plugin (See notes below)


  1. Follow the rest of the instructions as shown here.


This plugin will always use the latest openwrt revision/kernel. However, due to changes in the OpenWrt source (which are impossible to anticipate) build errors may be encountered. Therefore this is only recommended for advanced users. With that being said, the build errors are usually remedied quite easily (if you have knowledge of how patches work) by simply updating the offending patchfile(s). Please read the README included with the plugin to increase the likelihood of success.

General notes about the modified source files (the ones in the above archives)

  • The new plugin facility automatically patches the DebWrt config files to create brcm4716 based device targets as well as select all required packages and options.
  • Other brcm4716 based devices include the Belkin PlayMax? F7D4301, Linksys E3000 v1 and the Linksys WRT610N v2. This plugin should work for them as well but is untested.

Network Interfaces

The default network interface definition file suitable for RT-N16 can be found here. The following changes are probably necessary:

  • remove the lines marked as robocfg
  • enable the lines marked as asus rt-n16
  • disable the lines referring to /etc/firewall/ (this script is not available by default)
  • you will need to install the broadcom-wl package to use the wifi interface with encryption