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Uploaded custom rootfs, included fixes for apt-get issues and contains latest debwrt-net package and config


The RT-N16 is now user supported, see here for installation instructions.

Firmware debwrt-firmware-brcm4716-squashfs-090811.trx
Modules debwrt-modules-brcm4716-None-3.0.1-angel-2.0-1-090811.tar.gz
RootFS brcm4716-debwrt-rootfs-mipsel-2.0-1-130811.tar.bz2

Please note that the broadcom gmac driver is not covered by a GPL compliant licence. Use of it in any way is done so at your own discretion.

See thread here for support discussion.

Compiling From Source

Follow instructions here with a few modifications:

  1. After checking out the DebWrt Build Environment, download and extract the attached archive to the plugins directory. brcm4716-plugin-090811.tar.gz
  1. Follow the rest of the instructions as shown on the above link.

General notes about the modified source files (the ones in the above archive)

  • The new plugin facility automatically patches the DebWrt config files to create brcm4716 based device targets as well as select all required packages and options.
  • Other brcm4716 based devices include the Linksys E3000v1 and the WRT610Nv2. This plugin should work for them as well but is untested.