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The RT-N16 is now supported for testing purposes, see below links for more info.

Firmware debwrt-firmware-brcm4716-squashfs-bgmac-enabled.trx
Modules Generic brcm47xx tar.gz
RootFS mipsel
  • robocfg is used to configure the manageable switch ( /etc/init.d/robocfg ) - not yet working

See thread here for support discussion.

Compiling From Source

Follow instructions here with a few modifications:

  1. After checking out the DebWrt Build Environment, replace the Config, Openwrt & files with the ones in this archive: brcm4716-debwrt-sourcefiles.tar.gz
  1. After running "make openwrt/menuconfig, run make openwrt/kernel_menuconfig and ensure that Device Drivers -> Sonics Silicon Backplane -> SSB Broadcom DMA library/64-bit SSB DMA cores support is set, then enable Device Drivers -> Network device support -> Ethernet (1000 Mbit) -> Broadcom SSB GMAC ethernet driver Be sure that quilt is installed for this step, run apt-get install quilt on the development machine.
  1. Follow the rest of the instructions as shown on the above link, remember to run second stage install after flashing device.

General notes about the modified source files (the ones in the above archive)

  • The file was modified to create targets for the RT-N16 and automatically select most of the required dependencies (and other brcm4716 devices supported by George's patches, only RT-N16 tested though)
  • The file was modified to automatically apply George's patches
  • The method in which these files were modified is somewhat of a "hackjob", lots of room for improvement for those who have knowledge of the openwrt/debwrt buildroot
  • Targets were also created for the Linksys E3000v1 as well as the WRT610Nv2, these are untested