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The RT-N16 is now supported for testing purposes, see below links for more info.

Firmware debwrt-firmware-brcm4716-squashfs-bgmac-enabled.trx
Modules Generic brcm47xx tar.gz
RootFS mipsel
  • robocfg is used to configure the manageable switch ( /etc/init.d/robocfg ) - not yet working

See thread here for support discussion.

Compiling From Source

Follow instructions here with a few modifications:

  1. After checking out the DebWrt Build Environment, replace the Config, Openwrt & files with the ones in this archive: brcm4716-debwrt-sourcefiles.tar.gz
  1. After running "make openwrt/menuconfig, run make openwrt/kernel_menuconfig and ensure that Device Drivers -> Sonics Silicon Backplane -> SSB Broadcom DMA library/64-bit SSB DMA cores support is set, then enable Device Drivers -> Network device support -> Ethernet (1000 Mbit) -> Broadcom SSB GMAC ethernet driver Be sure that quilt is installed for this step, run apt-get install quilt on the development machine
  1. Follow the rest of instructions as shown on the above link, remember to run second stage install after flashing device.