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May 19, 2013, 2:01:30 PM (9 years ago)

Automatic installation script built into firmware TRX image


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    33The RT-N16 is now user supported, see [ here] for installation instructions.
    4 ||='''Firmware''' =||[ debwrt-firmware-brcm4716-squashfs-3.2-021412.trx]||
    5 ||='''Modules''' =||[ debwrt-modules-brcm4716-None-3.2.0-testing-2.1-1-021412.tar.gz]||
    6 ||='''RootFS''' =||[ debwrt-rootfs-mipsel-2.0-1.tar.bz2]||
     4||='''Firmware''' =||[]||
     5||='''Modules''' =||[]||
     6||='''RootFS''' =||[]||
    88** Please note that the broadcom gmac driver is not covered by a GPL compliant licence. Use of it in any way is done so at your own discretion.
    1010See thread [ here] for support discussion.
     12= Automatic Installation =
     14The TRX firmware image above "debwrt-firmware-brcm4716-3.3.7-squashfs-19052013.trx" is a re-pack of "​debwrt-firmware-brcm4716-squashfs-09092012.trx", unpacked, modified and then re-packed using Firmware Mod Kit on Google code. Added features are as follows:
     17Added to the TRX:
     19- Modded /etc/preinit in the TRX to check if DEBWRT_ROOT/etc/init.d/rcS.firstboot exists, if yes then it copies across a new motd message with instructions and the installation script (installation script removes DEBWRT_ROOT/etc/init.d/rcS.firstboot upon completion). If DEBWRT_ROOT/etc/init.d/rcS.firstboot doesn't exist (i.e. after successful install) then /etc/preinit will remove the installation script from DEBWRT_ROOT/sbin/setupdebwrt before chroot.
     21- Added an up to date setup script to the TRX image itself, which on first boot gets copied across to DEBWRT_ROOT device in DEBWRT_ROOT/sbin/setupdebwrt before the chroot on first boot.
     23- Added a motd banner with Asus RT-N16 ASCII art and setup instructions which get copied across to DEBWRT_ROOT device in DEBWRT_ROOT/etc/motd.tail before the chroot on first boot.
     25- Complete rework of Stephen Hinton's setup script - script is massively improved with many features and improvements and is now built into the base firmware (no need to upload it), wget Dropbox links were giving 404 errors, replaced with download links, *.deb dependencies were being installed after they were needed, order is now correct, script now also patches sources.list to local repository base on etc/timezone information and updates apt-get before updating the debian-keyring with the new sources.
     27After the chroot:
     291. Once logged in via SSH/Telnet, simply type "setupdebwrt" without the quotes, the greeting message (/etc/motd.tail) explains this also if using SSH.
     31Script then performs:
     33- Starts the firewall and displays the new rules using iptables -S command.
     34- Brings the WAN connection online.
     35- Pings to test the internet connection.
     36- Checks if ntpdate is installed and if not, installs it.
     37- Prompts user to set local time-zone (must be correct for next steps).
     38- Syncs the clock with online time server.
     39- Patches /etc/apt/sources.list based on /etc/timezone and /usr/share/zoneinfo/, so for example a user in Germany will have a sources.list similiar to this:
     40- Updates apt-get with new sources.list
     41- Installs debian-keyring - debian-archive-keyring to deal with public key issues for the new repositories.
     42- Installs system locales, to remove an annoying apt-get warning.
     43- WGET downloads all *.deb dependencies directly from and then DPKG -i installs them.
     44- Patches Dnsmasq to enable it with: ENABLE=1.
     45- Reconfigures the network devices to include all adaptors.
     46- Enables wireless LED
     47- Prompts user to install all apt-get upgrades (y/n)
     48- Prompts user to overclock the router CPU to 532 MHz (y/n)
     49- Prompts user to enter the new wireless network SSID
     50- Prompts user to set the new wireless channel 1-13
     51- Prompts user for the new wireless password (WPA2)
     52- Prompts user to choose which DNS servers to use, Google's, OpenDNS or the default DNS servers from user's ISP and patches /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf according to choice.
     53- Removes /etc/init.d/rcS.firstboot in order for the modded /etc/preinit in the TRX firmware to detect a succesful installation and not copy the installation script and motd on next boot.
     54- Removes installation instructions from /etc/motd.tail and leaves only the ASCII art.
     55- Reboots the router.
     56- Installation is complete.
     58Script has been tested around 40+ times to check for defects and none were found, script encounted no errors at all as of 19/05/2013.
    1261= Compiling From Source =