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    3232- Other brcm4716 based devices include the Belkin PlayMax F7D4301, Linksys E3000 v1 and the Linksys WRT610N v2. This plugin should work for them as well but is untested.
     34= RT-N16 Initial Configuration Script =
     36This script was made to automatically perform many of the necessary steps of setting up, securing and optimizing the RT-N16 for use as a router. Can be used with both installations from pre-compiled archives or building from source. It is to be run by the user on the first boot after rootfs installation.
     38List of tasks performed:
     39- Package debwrt-net and dependencies are installed if missing
     40- The /etc/network/interfaces.broadcom file is patched for use with the RT-N16 and enabled
     41- DNSMASQ is enabled
     42- /etc/apt/sources.list is set to debian default (including security and updates repositories)
     43- aptitude update and upgrade are run to install all the latest security updates
     44- Both the power and wireless LED are enabled
     45- User is prompted with an option to automatically overclock their router to 532MHz from the stock 480MHz
     46- User is prompted to set their own SSID other than the default
     47- User is prompted to set a wireless password
     48- User is prompted to set their timezone
     49- User is prompted to change the root password
     50- Router reboots automatically and voila! You have an up-to-date working router
     531. Download the script from here:  [] and place it on the usb stick containing the DebWrt rootfs
     542. Ensure that the "WAN" port on the router is connected to an active internet connection
     553. Connect to the router (via SSH/Serial) and execute the following command: {{{sh ./}}}
     564. Follow the prompts and wait for the script to finish, should take no more than 15 mins
    3458= Network Interfaces =
    3560The default network interface definition file suitable for RT-N16 can be found [source:trunk/debian/package/debwrt-net/etc/network/interfaces.broadcom here]. The following changes are probably necessary:
    3661* remove the lines marked as ''robocfg''