Jul 24, 2011:

9:48 PM Ticket #139 (Use wlunbind from broadcom-wl package instead of maintaining one in ...) created by amain
7:45 PM AsusRT-N16 edited by shinton@…
Updated plugin to correct ssb build error issue (diff)
2:33 PM WikiStart edited by amain
2:33 PM WikiStart edited by amain
2:32 PM Networking created by amain
1:50 PM Changeset [295] by amain
debwrt-net: fix some minor install issues, add dnsmasq support
1:49 PM Changeset [294] by amain
Remove defulat dnsmasq.conf file. Dnsmasq is now controlled from …
1:10 PM Changeset [293] by amain
robocfg: increase package version number
1:09 PM Changeset [292] by amain
debwrt-net package added: this package will contain all DebWrt
2:01 AM Changeset [291] by amain
Remove -j 3, it seems not to work with OpenWrt when compiling the kernel
12:18 AM Ticket #102 (b43/ucode5.fw not found) closed by amain
fixed: Problem in the rules/extract_kmodpkg.sh. It did not copy ucode5.fw. …
12:17 AM Changeset [290] by amain
Fix bug #102. - extract_kmodpk.sh: only detect if .ko files are …
12:00 AM Changeset [289] by amain
Disable robocfg init script - in preparation of controling the network …

Jul 23, 2011:

11:53 AM Ticket #75 (Make use of -j make parameter) closed by amain
fixed: Fixed in r288. Closing ticket.
11:53 AM Changeset [288] by amain
Add menuconfig option to pass commandline parameters to openwrt make ( …
11:25 AM DebWrtSvn edited by amain
11:24 AM WikiStart edited by amain
11:24 AM DebWrtMan created by amain
11:19 AM Changeset [287] by amain
Update DebWrt make help overview to contain all available make commands
11:19 AM Changeset [286] by amain
Add openwrt update/clean targets

Jul 13, 2011:

11:12 PM AsusRT-N16 edited by shinton@…
Updated firmware, modules and plugin. (diff)

Jul 6, 2011:

2:18 PM Ticket #138 (Perform second stage Debian install using qemu for MIPS and MIPSEL) created by amain
For MIPS(EL) it was not yet possible to execute a successful second …
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