Apr 3, 2011:

2:42 PM Changeset [196] by stappers
openwrt/patches/trunk/005_make_empty_rootfs updated
1:34 PM Changeset [195] by stappers
openwrt/openwrt.mk space removed, was slipped-in in previous commit
12:58 PM Changeset [194] by stappers
openwrt checkout should depend on something inside $(OPENWRT_BUILD_DIR)
12:47 PM Changeset [193] by stappers
Create $(OPENwRT_BUILD_DIR) before working with it
12:36 PM Changeset [192] by stappers
make openwrt/kernel_menuconfig target added
10:21 AM Changeset [191] by stappers
debian/rootfs/debian.mk: re-use DEBIAN_BUILDENV_REPOSITORY
9:29 AM SmallSteps edited by stappers
buy hardware with care (diff)

Apr 2, 2011:

2:28 AM Changeset [190] by stappers
Build stamp our rootfs packages This avoids that …
1:56 AM Changeset [189] by stappers
Start hostapd before networking The host acces point daemon …

Apr 1, 2011:

11:14 PM Ticket #115 (debwrt-headers-brcm47xx-Broadcom-b43- created by stappers
In subversion is the file …
11:37 AM AsusWl500gDl edited by stappers
Chris has only 1 device, but had serveral succesfull install (diff)
11:32 AM AsusWl500gDl created by stappers
New device page, has several FIXME requests
11:11 AM PostInstall created by stappers
New page, how to post install

Mar 30, 2011:

7:55 PM NetworkingSteps edited by stappers
'-net user' and '-net tap' do not mixed in recent qemu (and no reason … (diff)

Mar 28, 2011:

10:27 PM Ticket #106 (Missing SVN: could not connect to server (https://svn.debwrt.net)) reopened by stappers
Another intermission […]

Mar 27, 2011:

9:25 PM Changeset [188] by stappers
ignore also 'debian/bootstrap', another build stamp

Mar 25, 2011:

10:26 PM Changeset [187] by stappers
Mistake recovery: partial revert of previous commit
10:22 PM Changeset [186] by stappers
Ignore git
10:10 PM Changeset [185] by stappers
White space change: line breaks in our openwrt makefiles From Linux …
10:06 PM Ticket #106 (Missing SVN: could not connect to server (https://svn.debwrt.net)) closed by stappers
worksforme: Seems to work ... […]

Mar 24, 2011:

7:02 PM Ticket #111 (Aska test) closed by stappers
spam: SPAM
7:01 PM Ticket #111 (Aska test) reopened by stappers
7:00 PM Ticket #112 (Kapa Test) closed by stappers
6:59 PM Ticket #111 (Aska test) closed by stappers
6:58 PM Ticket #110 (Portal Onet) closed by stappers
6:57 PM Ticket #109 (hgfdg) closed by stappers
6:53 PM Ticket #113 (sedfsdfs) closed by stappers
6:29 PM Ticket #114 (wlan0 no ip address) created by crodr021@…
I got ath9k and ath5k working by adding the modules in the conf file. …
6:17 PM Ticket #113 (sedfsdfs) created by anonymous
sd frsedfr
6:15 PM Ticket #112 (Kapa Test) created by anonymous
Great page, greetings from New York.
6:13 PM Ticket #111 (Aska test) created by anonymous
Great page, greetings from New York.
6:08 PM Ticket #110 (Portal Onet) created by anonymous
onet - Portal
6:06 PM Ticket #109 (hgfdg) created by anonymous

Mar 20, 2011:

9:03 PM Ticket #108 (Linux kernel version discrepancies) created by stappers
A fresh build kernel for my qemu enviroment uses meanwhile Linux …
2:38 PM Ticket #107 (Cant start HDD2.5 with rev184, but WL500gdeLuxe starts with rev184) created by e.d.grootjans@…
Sorry for the criptical summary. I have 2 ASUS devices. (1) the ASUS …

Mar 19, 2011:

10:51 PM MakeMenuconfigMalta edited by stappers
minor progress (diff)
9:10 PM Ticket #106 (Missing SVN: could not connect to server (https://svn.debwrt.net)) created by stappers

Mar 16, 2011:

9:01 PM Ticket #105 (where can i find the downloadfiles?) created by e.d.grootjans@…
I did follow the link, but this one is not working anymore. I need …

Mar 15, 2011:

3:50 PM Ticket #104 (ARM cross compilers can't be found) created by sniperpr@…
display: : GPG error: http://www.emdebian.org stable Release: The …

Mar 13, 2011:

8:58 PM Changeset [184] by stappers
rules/debwrt.mk: just make the directories Doing a shell test on …
8:25 PM Changeset [183] by stappers
more to (svn) ignore
12:06 PM Ticket #99 (Kernel Panic when finding ath5k wireless and locking of system during ...) closed by stappers
fixed: RS does work with ath5k.
11:40 AM Ticket #103 ($TOP/bin/$BOARD/debian missing) created by e.d.grootjans@…
Add the end of the making of the file system, I get an error finding a …

Mar 12, 2011:

9:31 PM Ticket #102 (b43/ucode5.fw not found) created by e.d.grootjans@…
I did a make V=99 and did get an kernel and the filesystem. I used …

Mar 9, 2011:

9:18 PM Ticket #101 (changing bootmedia from sda to hda ?) created by e.d.grootjans@…
Can you tell me where i can change the bootmedianame. I have an ASUS …
1:00 AM Ticket #100 (xineramaproto not being built, if configured) created by rossb@…
backfire, target-i386_glibc-2.6.1, latest In .config: …

Mar 8, 2011:

9:58 PM Changeset [182] by stappers
rules/users.mk: updated URL for make stappers
9:53 PM PatchConfigStappers attached to PatchConfigStappers by stappers
7:50 PM Ticket #99 (Kernel Panic when finding ath5k wireless and locking of system during ...) created by anonymous
More information comning soon. The jist of the matter: After …

Mar 7, 2011:

10:57 PM Ticket #95 (OSError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: ...) closed by amain
fixed: Should now be fixed!
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