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wlan0 no ip address

Reported by: crodr021@… Owned by: amain
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Component: buildsystem Version: 2.0
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I got ath9k and ath5k working by adding the modules in the conf file.

I then have to manually run hostapd to get the access point up and running.

I see the access point on my wifi analyzer, but I can't connected to it. It doesn't have an ip address in iwconfig.

How can I get the interface to issue ip addresses?

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comment:1 in reply to: ↑ description Changed 12 years ago by stappers

Replying to crodr021@…:

Have you seen ticket #79 ?

comment:2 Changed 12 years ago by amain

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Look like hostapd is running fine. Now wireless clients can connect to it. Once connected ( WEP or WPA or .. ) it will try to get an ip address from the AP. For this dnsmasq or another DHCP server needs to be configured on the wireless interface on which hostapd is serving as AP. Use /etc/network/interfaces to set the interface IP address. Use ifconfig <if-name> to get its IP.

Some of this stuff should end up in some wiki page here.

Closing ticket.

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