Milestone: 2.0

Completed 6 years ago (Sep 27, 2010, 12:18:55 AM)


Total number of tickets: 4 - closed: 4 - active: 0

Release 2 of DebWrt:

  • Fully working USB, not just high speed devices
  • Complete Build Environment, including cross compiling debian packages and instructions
  • Debian Squeeze root filesystems for: MIPS, MIPSEL
  • OpenWrt kernel ( MIPS, MIPSEL ) for a to be determined list of devices, but including: bcm47xx and ar71xx/rspro

Dropped goal:

  • Fully working broadcom wireless, using proprietary driver and optionally b43. b43 driver is included.


  • hostapd
  • iw
  • libnl
  • libnl-dev
  • libnvram
  • nvram
  • robocfg
  • shellinabox


  • Support for kernel 2.4
  • DebWrt on-router Webinterface
  • Automounting USB

Milestone: 12.09

Completed 4 years ago (Jul 1, 2013, 11:05:09 PM)


Total number of tickets: 8 - closed: 8 - active: 0

The 12.09 release is focussed on providing a stable build environment. In the background a lot of features have been added to the DebWrt build environment, making it a feature rich, but als very stable environment.

  • Documentation is quite ok and the user base has grown over the past couple of years. More an more users, using different devices, successfully have DebWrt running on there devices.
  • To provide a higher level of quality control a continuous integration system has been installed which will soon be configured to scheduled builds.
  • The patch subsystem has been improved a lot
  • An extensive plugin framework has been developed: contributors may create and distribute plugins to extend the functionality of DebWrt. A great example is the Asus RT-N16 plugin. Unfortunately not needed anymore, since OpenWrt now has native support.

Milestone: 12.09-2

Completed 3 years ago (Nov 23, 2013, 10:18:23 AM)

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