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#10045 openwrt trunk does not use hotplug2 openwrt next-release defect Dec 16, 2014
#104 ARM cross compilers can't be found buildsystem unscheduled defect Mar 15, 2011
#45 Compile error on kernel rev136: SSB and OHCI undefined references openwrt next-release defect Dec 4, 2010
#83 Odd ownership of some system files other unscheduled defect Feb 16, 2011
#163 Use QEMU to mount rootfs from usb device other unscheduled enhancement Sep 5, 2011
#9984 Add mjpeg_streamer to DebWrt packages debian/packages next-release enhancement Nov 16, 2013
#9994 TARGET_ARCH=armel need some Makefiles tweaks debian/rootfs next-release enhancement Mar 17, 2014
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