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#41 about other AR71xx device. ethX can't link. amain defect blocker debian/packages
#117 groupadd: GID 0 is not unique amain defect blocker debian/rootfs
#255 Kernel panic - not syncing: No init found amain defect blocker other
#172 hostapd - does not work amain defect critical other
#9992 Suggestion/Help/Advice required. task critical milestone:next-release buildsystem
#11 add robocfg configuration amain enhancement major debian/packages
#21 usb serial werkt amain enhancement major debian/rootfs
#22 Init not started after building first stage(debootstrap) rootfs amain defect major debian/rootfs
#32 mtd-20101124.tar.gz not found (rev136) amain defect major openwrt
#34 wnrd3700. about switch config. amain defect major debian/rootfs
#39 lan not recognized on RouterStation amain defect major debian/rootfs
#47 avoid touching the build host amain defect major debian/rootfs
#52 Fout 1: Toegang geweigerd stappers defect major debian/rootfs
#58 сouldn't find library stappers defect major debian/rootfs
#122 Invalid module format amain defect major buildsystem
#9988 Build fails when assembling modules for rootfs (?) defect major milestone:trunk buildsystem
#42 RB433 can be Boot. this is my FW. amain defect minor openwrt
#59 Broadcom wl driver doesn't load on Asus WL-500gD amain defect minor openwrt
#67 001_disable_all_openwrt_packages amain defect minor debian/packages
#68 usbserial module not included stappers documentation minor debian/rootfs
#76 Missing --arch parameter when calling debootstrap stappers defect minor debian/rootfs
#77 Cannot complete make debian/rootfs due to exec format error stappers defect minor debian/rootfs
#100 xineramaproto not being built, if configured amain enhancement minor buildsystem
#131 No IP connection on LAN ports amain defect minor debian/rootfs
#162 make debian/rootfs/modules-install doesn't work amain defect minor other
#169 robocfg - deprecated ? amain defect minor other
#186 Why is no one here amain defect minor other
#235 Support ar7xxx devices amain enhancement minor debian/rootfs
#271 device not listed - TPLINK wr703 defect minor other
#57 proposal stappers defect trivial debian/rootfs
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