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#23 Debwrt merge config patch for OpenWrt backfire broken amain defect blocker debian/rootfs
#25 Problemen met download sites amain defect blocker debian/rootfs
#189 DebWRT fails to build when selecting debian wheezy amain defect blocker buildsystem
#277 WD1043ND does not compile, patch fails defect blocker debian/rootfs
#9983 Hunk #2 FAILED at 108. defect blocker milestone:next-release buildsystem
#28 Verschillen tussen rev134 en deb201 amain task major debian/rootfs
#72 debwrt-kernel-headers/*.deb': No such file or directory amain defect major debian/rootfs
#153 Compile error with second stage - Error 127 amain defect major other
#13 proper repository links amain enhancement minor debian/packages
#276 Fail to patch current openwrt source for Brcm47xx with current DebWrt trunk. defect minor milestone:12.09 openwrt
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