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#9987 Patch 205-fix-headers_install.patch fails on latest trunk defect major milestone:trunk openwrt
#9988 Build fails when assembling modules for rootfs (?) defect major milestone:trunk buildsystem
#9989 hostapd package is empty after building amain defect major milestone:trunk debian/packages
#10036 building a kernels fails with openwrt/trunk defect major milestone:trunk openwrt
#10080 please delete spam tickets enhancement major milestone:next-release webwiki
#1 Add Module.symvers to debwrt-headers-*.tar.gz amain defect minor milestone:2.0 openwrt
#3 dmesg flooded with USB debug messages amain defect minor milestone:2.0 openwrt
#5 Add broadcom wireless NAS daemon amain enhancement minor debian/packages
#6 Your apt-proxy/cache server amain defect minor debian/rootfs
#7 remove tmp files in debwrt/debwrt/trunk/debian/ from repository amain defect minor debian/rootfs
#9 setting locale failed stappers defect minor debian/rootfs
#13 proper repository links amain enhancement minor debian/packages
#15 Network interface for WL-HDD is eth1, eth0 doesn't work. amain enhancement minor debian/rootfs
#18 cannot find usb-serial amain enhancement minor debian/rootfs
#19 NTP daemon fail in sync time amain defect minor debian/rootfs
#20 IDE still compiled in while disabled in menuconfig amain defect minor openwrt
#31 i want build kirkwood Target,but emdebian down. howto? amain defect minor debian/rootfs
#36 build brcom6358 error amain defect minor openwrt
#42 RB433 can be Boot. this is my FW. amain defect minor openwrt
#56 Second stage install instructions multiline execute stappers enhancement minor debian/packages
#59 Broadcom wl driver doesn't load on Asus WL-500gD amain defect minor openwrt
#64 Missing block devices in /dev/ amain defect minor debian/rootfs
#66 recompile kernel stappers documentation minor debian/rootfs
#67 001_disable_all_openwrt_packages amain defect minor debian/packages
#68 usbserial module not included stappers documentation minor debian/rootfs
#69 debian/buildenv/packages/all: kernel headers package missing stappers defect minor debian/rootfs
#76 Missing --arch parameter when calling debootstrap stappers defect minor debian/rootfs
#77 Cannot complete make debian/rootfs due to exec format error stappers defect minor debian/rootfs
#81 libnl if_vlan.h patch amain defect minor buildsystem
#82 NHOZ: local_softirq_pending 08 amain defect minor openwrt
#91 wishlist: Don't start every build from square one amain enhancement minor buildsystem
#99 Kernel Panic when finding ath5k wireless and locking of system during SSH startup amain enhancement minor openwrt
#100 xineramaproto not being built, if configured amain enhancement minor buildsystem
#103 $TOP/bin/$BOARD/debian missing amain defect minor buildsystem
#115 debwrt-headers-brcm47xx-Broadcom-b43- amain documentation minor buildsystem
#125 Support for RT-N16 amain enhancement minor milestone:12.09 buildsystem
#126 Support request rs pro: network problem amain defect minor buildsystem
#131 No IP connection on LAN ports amain defect minor debian/rootfs
#136 iptables modules set xtables-addons amain enhancement minor debian/packages
#138 Perform second stage Debian install using qemu for MIPS and MIPSEL amain enhancement minor other
#140 Second stage install fails to reinstall debian packages properly amain defect minor debian/packages
#143 insserv warns about LED init scripts corrupt or invalid amain defect minor other
#152 Mis-spelled command in rootfs file amain defect minor other
#154 Second stage with qemu amain documentation minor webwiki
#156 rev 314 - Smallsteps MakeMenuConfigMalta NetworkingSteps etc amain documentation minor webwiki
#162 make debian/rootfs/modules-install doesn't work amain defect minor other
#168 Add option to select debian "Wheezy" amain enhancement minor debian/rootfs
#169 robocfg - deprecated ? amain defect minor other
#173 make error amain defect minor other
#174 make all - Error amain defect minor other
#186 Why is no one here amain defect minor other
#188 My user account amain defect minor other
#190 Use openntpd -s to overcome big time gaps amain defect minor other
#235 Support ar7xxx devices amain enhancement minor debian/rootfs
#266 Use kexec to boot kernel from storage device amain enhancement minor other
#267 trunk does not build for 332 and debwrt-net package needs a fix amain defect minor other
#268 Include package "fake-hwclock" in debian by default amain enhancement minor debian/rootfs
#271 device not listed - TPLINK wr703 defect minor other
#272 kmod-usb-printer - no printer support for Asus RT-N16 enhancement minor milestone:12.09 other
#276 Fail to patch current openwrt source for Brcm47xx with current DebWrt trunk. defect minor milestone:12.09 openwrt
#9980 swconfig temporary disabled due to compile error amain defect minor milestone:12.09 debian/packages
#9981 /etc/apt/sources.list not correctly setup amain defect minor milestone:12.09 debian/rootfs
#9986 Trunk broken due to compilation errors defect minor milestone:trunk debian/packages
#9990 Can't create tar of rootfs due to mounted /sys defect minor milestone:next-release debian/rootfs
#10024 hardware suggestion enhancement minor milestone:unscheduled other
#49 wishlist: a mailinglist amain task trivial webwiki
#57 proposal stappers defect trivial debian/rootfs
#94 Request for add make download amain enhancement trivial buildsystem
#119 groupadd: group 'debwrt' already exists stappers defect trivial buildsystem
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