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#75 Make use of -j make parameter amain enhancement major buildsystem
#81 libnl if_vlan.h patch amain defect minor buildsystem
#91 wishlist: Don't start every build from square one amain enhancement minor buildsystem
#94 Request for add make download amain enhancement trivial buildsystem
#95 OSError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/data/trac/attachments/wiki/PatchConfigStappers' amain defect major buildsystem
#96 feng shui courses amain spam blocker buildsystem
#97 Download section does not work ! amain defect blocker buildsystem
#98 Kernel Panic: No init found amain defect major buildsystem
#100 xineramaproto not being built, if configured amain enhancement minor buildsystem
#102 b43/ucode5.fw not found amain defect major buildsystem
#103 $TOP/bin/$BOARD/debian missing amain defect minor buildsystem
#106 Missing SVN: could not connect to server ( amain defect major buildsystem
#108 Linux kernel version discrepancies amain defect critical milestone:12.09 buildsystem
#109 hgfdg amain spam major buildsystem
#110 Portal Onet amain spam major buildsystem
#111 Aska test amain spam major buildsystem
#112 Kapa Test amain spam blocker buildsystem
#113 sedfsdfs amain spam major buildsystem
#114 wlan0 no ip address amain defect major buildsystem
#115 debwrt-headers-brcm47xx-Broadcom-b43- amain documentation minor buildsystem
#119 groupadd: group 'debwrt' already exists stappers defect trivial buildsystem
#121 modprobe: FATAL: Could not load /lib/modules/ stappers defect major buildsystem
#122 Invalid module format amain defect major buildsystem
#123 first boot telnetd doesn't ask for password stappers defect major buildsystem
#125 Support for RT-N16 amain enhancement minor milestone:12.09 buildsystem
#126 Support request rs pro: network problem amain defect minor buildsystem
#160 build for DIR-825 missing flash images amain defect blocker buildsystem
#167 Edit openwrt/ to handle kernel version 3.0 amain defect blocker buildsystem
#189 DebWRT fails to build when selecting debian wheezy amain defect blocker buildsystem
#204 Unable to compile DebWRT on Ubuntu 11.10 amain defect blocker buildsystem
#270 Build error on trunk: Deprecated patch amain defect major milestone:12.09 buildsystem
#9983 Hunk #2 FAILED at 108. defect blocker milestone:next-release buildsystem
#9988 Build fails when assembling modules for rootfs (?) defect major milestone:trunk buildsystem
#9992 Suggestion/Help/Advice required. task critical milestone:next-release buildsystem
#5 Add broadcom wireless NAS daemon amain enhancement minor debian/packages
#10 shellinabox service in init.d fails stappers@… defect major debian/packages
#11 add robocfg configuration amain enhancement major debian/packages
#13 proper repository links amain enhancement minor debian/packages
#41 about other AR71xx device. ethX can't link. amain defect blocker debian/packages
#48 iw in debwrt, why amain defect major debian/packages
#56 Second stage install instructions multiline execute stappers enhancement minor debian/packages
#67 001_disable_all_openwrt_packages amain defect minor debian/packages
#71 debwrt/rootfs: can't create build directory for debian package buildenv amain defect major debian/packages
#80 *.deb not found stappers defect major debian/packages
#86 libnl will not compile stappers defect major debian/packages
#89 Unable to determine whether a package was built amain defect major debian/packages
#90 Cannot compile swconfig stappers defect major debian/packages
#116 Build Error 1 and Error 2 with random.o -- hostapd? amain defect major debian/packages
#136 iptables modules set xtables-addons amain enhancement minor debian/packages
#140 Second stage install fails to reinstall debian packages properly amain defect minor debian/packages
#269 Hostapd: redefinition of typedef '__u32' defect major debian/packages
#9980 swconfig temporary disabled due to compile error amain defect minor milestone:12.09 debian/packages
#9986 Trunk broken due to compilation errors defect minor milestone:trunk debian/packages
#9989 hostapd package is empty after building amain defect major milestone:trunk debian/packages
#6 Your apt-proxy/cache server amain defect minor debian/rootfs
#7 remove tmp files in debwrt/debwrt/trunk/debian/ from repository amain defect minor debian/rootfs
#8 Add swconfig switch configuration package amain enhancement major debian/rootfs
#9 setting locale failed stappers defect minor debian/rootfs
#12 hostapd in service hostapd-mini amain defect major debian/rootfs
#15 Network interface for WL-HDD is eth1, eth0 doesn't work. amain enhancement minor debian/rootfs
#16 buildenv not usable for cross compiling - dependency issue in emdebian - sqeeze & sid amain defect blocker debian/rootfs
#17 E: package apt-cross has no installation candidate amain defect major debian/rootfs
#18 cannot find usb-serial amain enhancement minor debian/rootfs
#19 NTP daemon fail in sync time amain defect minor debian/rootfs
#21 usb serial werkt amain enhancement major debian/rootfs
#22 Init not started after building first stage(debootstrap) rootfs amain defect major debian/rootfs
#23 Debwrt merge config patch for OpenWrt backfire broken amain defect blocker debian/rootfs
#24 emdebian down.... amain defect blocker debian/rootfs
#25 Problemen met download sites amain defect blocker debian/rootfs
#26 i compiles backfire ver. is only for wndr3700. is workforme amain enhancement major debian/rootfs
#28 Verschillen tussen rev134 en deb201 amain task major debian/rootfs
#31 i want build kirkwood Target,but emdebian down. howto? amain defect minor debian/rootfs
#34 wnrd3700. about switch config. amain defect major debian/rootfs
#39 lan not recognized on RouterStation amain defect major debian/rootfs
#40 E: Package 'binutils-mipsel-linux-gnu' has no installation candidate amain defect major debian/rootfs
#44 ./hostapd: 49: Syntax error: "(" unexpected stappers@… defect major debian/rootfs
#46 /usr/mips-linux-gnu/src/linux/include/asm-generic/int-ll64.h:11:29: error: asm/bitsperlong.h: No such file or directory amain defect major debian/rootfs
#47 avoid touching the build host amain defect major debian/rootfs
#50 Buildenv create stops to ask question about existing /etc/sudoers amain defect major debian/rootfs
#51 Configuration file `/etc/sudoers' during make fs (rev 136 and rev140) stappers@… defect major debian/rootfs
#52 Fout 1: Toegang geweigerd stappers defect major debian/rootfs
#53 make: *** [debian/package/iw/build] Fout 2 amain defect blocker debian/rootfs
#54 cannot create fifo `build/rootfs-mipsel-angel-2.0-1/dev/initctl': File exists stappers@… defect major debian/rootfs
#57 proposal stappers defect trivial debian/rootfs
#58 сouldn't find library stappers defect major debian/rootfs
#64 Missing block devices in /dev/ amain defect minor debian/rootfs
#66 recompile kernel stappers documentation minor debian/rootfs
#68 usbserial module not included stappers documentation minor debian/rootfs
#69 debian/buildenv/packages/all: kernel headers package missing stappers defect minor debian/rootfs
#72 debwrt-kernel-headers/*.deb': No such file or directory amain defect major debian/rootfs
#73 A Lot of files missing in /etc/rcx.d --> Can not startup ASUS-WL500g with this filesystem stappers defect major debian/rootfs
#76 Missing --arch parameter when calling debootstrap stappers defect minor debian/rootfs
#77 Cannot complete make debian/rootfs due to exec format error stappers defect minor debian/rootfs
#78 Rootfs for mips package in Downloads is missing debootstrap amain defect major debian/rootfs
#79 Network error while booting up network amain documentation major debian/rootfs
#84 Cannot compile debwrt due to apt-cross missing in repos amain defect blocker debian/rootfs
#87 Cannot run make menuconfig after compilation and make clean amain defect major debian/rootfs
#88 Public SVN repository broken link amain defect major debian/rootfs
#117 groupadd: GID 0 is not unique amain defect blocker debian/rootfs
#127 UMTS stick in debwrt amain task major debian/rootfs
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