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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#10045 openwrt trunk does not use hotplug2 accepted defect critical milestone:next-release openwrt
#92 GPG couldn't be verified of stable Release. assigned defect major milestone:unscheduled debian/packages
#104 ARM cross compilers can't be found accepted defect major milestone:unscheduled buildsystem
#45 Compile error on kernel rev136: SSB and OHCI undefined references accepted defect minor milestone:next-release openwrt
#83 Odd ownership of some system files accepted defect minor milestone:unscheduled other
#129 LSB tags or overrides not provided for rcS.firstboot and rcS.debian assigned enhancement minor milestone:next-release debian/rootfs
#132 Kernel upgrade from within a running system assigned enhancement minor milestone:unscheduled openwrt
#139 Use wlunbind from broadcom-wl package instead of maintaining one in debwrt-net assigned enhancement minor milestone:next-release other
#163 Use QEMU to mount rootfs from usb device accepted enhancement minor milestone:unscheduled other
#9984 Add mjpeg_streamer to DebWrt packages accepted enhancement minor milestone:next-release debian/packages
#9994 TARGET_ARCH=armel need some Makefiles tweaks accepted enhancement minor milestone:next-release debian/rootfs
#9998 Debian package version problems assigned defect minor debian/packages
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