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(edit) @310   9 years amain debian/rootfs/clean: don't remove touch files for package creation ( …
(edit) @309   9 years amain debian/rootfs/second-stage-qemu: fix 'touch' as target and only …
(edit) @308   9 years amain debian/buildenv: fix search for qemu bin
(edit) @307   9 years amain debian/buildenv/rootfs: execute second stage install with qemu - fixes …
(edit) @306   9 years amain debian/package/debwrt-kernel-headers: update kernel headers to include …
(edit) @305   9 years amain package/broadcom-wl: setting svn:ignore
(edit) @304   9 years amain Remove some remarks
(edit) @303   9 years amain fix: Second stage install fails to reinstall debian packages properly …
(edit) @302   9 years amain openwrt: kernel compile fails - temporary reverting changeset 27849
(edit) @301   9 years amain rootfs: fix post install to install debwrt cross compiled packages
(edit) @300   9 years amain rules: set release name for svn trunk to 'testing'
(edit) @299   9 years amain debwrt-net: add comment on enabling dnsmasq
(edit) @298   9 years amain debwrt-net: add support for Asus RT-N16
(edit) @297   9 years amain debwrt-net: put password in interface fill with sinlge quotes
(edit) @296   9 years amain debwrt-net: Add dnsmasq.d/debwrt.conf
(edit) @295   9 years amain debwrt-net: fix some minor install issues, add dnsmasq support
(edit) @294   9 years amain Remove defulat dnsmasq.conf file. Dnsmasq is now controlled from …
(edit) @293   9 years amain robocfg: increase package version number
(edit) @292   9 years amain debwrt-net package added: this package will contain all DebWrt
(edit) @291   9 years amain Remove -j 3, it seems not to work with OpenWrt when compiling the kernel
(edit) @290   9 years amain Fix bug #102. - only detect if .ko files are …
(edit) @289   9 years amain Disable robocfg init script - in preparation of controling the network …
(edit) @288   9 years amain Add menuconfig option to pass commandline parameters to openwrt make ( …
(edit) @287   9 years amain Update DebWrt make help overview to contain all available make commands
(edit) @286   9 years amain Add openwrt update/clean targets
(edit) @285   9 years amain plugins: add support for reverse patches
(edit) @284   9 years amain Reverted to soon
(edit) @283   9 years amain Revert 282, was in correct order
(edit) @282   9 years amain First apply debwrt plugin, then have openwrt apply their patches
(edit) @281   9 years amain mute echo statement
(edit) @280   9 years amain Warning statement about flashing your device
(edit) @279   9 years amain Remove stappers old references to stappers
(copy) @277   9 years root Remove unnecessary toplevel directory
copied from debwrt/trunk:
(edit) @276   9 years amain package broadcom-wl added. Contains wl, wlc and nas utilities for the …
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