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(edit) @903   4 years amain native: octeon erlite install
(edit) @902   4 years amain native: erlite native kernel compile support
(edit) @884   4 years amain Add LEDE support. LEDE is (for now) the new default.
(edit) @878   4 years amain qemu: fix small issue, added some robuustness, added kernel modules
(edit) @877   4 years amain qemu: add several convenience make targets to manage multiple qemu sessions
(edit) @874   4 years amain qemu: update make help with new qemu targets
(edit) @724   5 years amain Simplyfy patch / release management. Restructure make menuconfig. Add …
(edit) @696   5 years amain Relocate build/install dirs to prepare for building images for all targets
(edit) @694   5 years amain Split firmware build from rootfs creation and debian build environment …
(edit) @538   7 years amain bitten@trunk: apply local config
(edit) @526   7 years amain debwrt: improve tag support and shorten build path names
(edit) @517   7 years amain Merge contrib branch 340:516. Main features added: - updated plugin …
(edit) @332   9 years amain Fix ticket #167: handle kernel version 3.0
(edit) @327   9 years amain Add alternate boot script support(kexec and LABEL=)
(edit) @307   9 years amain debian/buildenv/rootfs: execute second stage install with qemu - fixes …
(edit) @300   9 years amain rules: set release name for svn trunk to 'testing'
(edit) @290   9 years amain Fix bug #102. - only detect if .ko files are …
(edit) @287   9 years amain Update DebWrt make help overview to contain all available make commands
(edit) @279   9 years amain Remove stappers old references to stappers
(copy) @277   9 years root Remove unnecessary toplevel directory
copied from debwrt/trunk/rules:
(edit) @269   10 years amain Add plugin support. Automatically apply patches to DebWrt and openWrt …
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