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(edit) @756   4 years amain Simplyfiy OpenWrt patch management using quilt. Allowing debwrt …
(edit) @751   4 years amain Merge fix patch /dev/stderr issue from branches/15.05
(edit) @745   4 years amain Fix unpatch force
(edit) @742   4 years amain Make parallelization
(edit) @732   4 years amain Add git repos to menuconfig
(edit) @730   4 years amain Move to git
(edit) @727   4 years amain Make clean improvements
(edit) @724   4 years amain Simplyfy patch / release management. Restructure make menuconfig. Add …
(edit) @696   4 years amain Relocate build/install dirs to prepare for building images for all targets
(edit) @694   4 years amain Split firmware build from rootfs creation and debian build environment …
(edit) @517   6 years amain Merge contrib branch 340:516. Main features added: - updated plugin …
(edit) @336   7 years amain Remove temporary patch 006_reverse-changeset27849-changes.patch
(edit) @334   7 years amain Fix make clean
(edit) @333   7 years amain Fix make clean
(edit) @330   8 years amain openwrt: only run files-copy if source dir exists
(edit) @328   8 years amain Alternate boot script
(edit) @327   8 years amain Add alternate boot script support(kexec and LABEL=)
(edit) @302   8 years amain openwrt: kernel compile fails - temporary reverting changeset 27849
(edit) @288   8 years amain Add menuconfig option to pass commandline parameters to openwrt make ( …
(edit) @286   8 years amain Add openwrt update/clean targets
(edit) @283   9 years amain Revert 282, was in correct order
(edit) @282   9 years amain First apply debwrt plugin, then have openwrt apply their patches
(edit) @279   9 years amain Remove stappers old references to stappers
(copy) @277   9 years root Remove unnecessary toplevel directory
copied from debwrt/trunk/openwrt/
(edit) @270   9 years amain debwrt-config: some kernel settings were missed because of filtering …
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