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(edit) @913   6 years amain rootfs: octeon-native update
(edit) @912   6 years amain rootfs: add octeon-native files
(edit) @910   6 years amain all: distclean fix
(edit) @896   6 years amain rootfs: don't load ath9k for ar711xx, already loaded early
(edit) @895   6 years amain rootfs: extract tars leaving permission in tact
(edit) @891   6 years amain rootfs: fix dir permissions in / (skip /root)
(edit) @890   6 years amain rootfs: fix dir permissions in /
(edit) @887   6 years amain rootfs: fix/workaround ath9k loading issues. Fixes in rcS.firstboot.
(edit) @883   6 years amain rootfs: modprobe.d remove ipv6 disable settings
(edit) @881   6 years amain rootfs: fix permissions / and /lib, fix subtarget in debwrt init script
(edit) @880   6 years amain rootfs: several minor fixes
(edit) @868   6 years amain rootfs: auto install all debwrt packages
(edit) @771   6 years amain Load netfilter/iptable modules manually in firewall script. This is …
(edit) @770   6 years amain Install target dependent files during boot (sysV or systemd). This is …
(edit) @769   6 years amain Early load of ath9k for ar71xx to prevent crash; #10094
(edit) @676   7 years amain Added full Debian Jessie root filesystem support. Added systemd kernel …
(edit) @517   10 years amain Merge contrib branch 340:516. Main features added: - updated plugin …
(edit) @326   11 years amain rootfs: remove some old network interfaces sample config files
(edit) @311   11 years amain debwrt/rootfs/second-stage-qemu: fix PostInstall for Debian sid using qemu
(edit) @303   11 years amain fix: Second stage install fails to reinstall debian packages properly …
(edit) @301   11 years amain rootfs: fix post install to install debwrt cross compiled packages
(edit) @294   12 years amain Remove defulat dnsmasq.conf file. Dnsmasq is now controlled from …
(copy) @277   12 years root Remove unnecessary toplevel directory
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(edit) @257   12 years stappers PostInstall can remove /etc/init.d/rcS.debian
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