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(edit) @28   9 years amain Create empty rootfs for firmware image to prevent the firmware image …
(edit) @27   9 years amain Fix problem with merging our config with kernel config
(edit) @26   9 years amain Add netconsole support
(edit) @25   9 years amain Fix buildenv to use correct debootstrap debian release
(edit) @24   9 years amain Add Debian release selection in menu
(edit) @23   9 years amain Use latest qemu (0.12.4)
(edit) @22   9 years amain Create new version label: 1.1 Updated UBNT image names
(edit) @21   9 years amain Add support for openwrt backfire Move patch 002 to branch specific ptch dir
(edit) @20   9 years amain Adjust patch 002 to latest OpenWrt trunk
(edit) @19   9 years amain Replace CONFIG_DEBWRT_TARGET_ARCH with CONFIG_TARGET_ARCH
(edit) @18   9 years amain .
(edit) @17   9 years amain Fixed config merge problem and imported all current OpenWrt supported …
(edit) @16   10 years amain Add sudo openssh-client packages to chroot
(edit) @15   10 years amain debian/buildenv/prepare: make it target arch aware
(edit) @14   10 years amain openwrt/deliver/kernel-headers: rename header directory to …
(edit) @13   10 years amain fix: return correct SVN revision of local working copy …
(edit) @12   10 years amain Add .config to kernel headers image
(edit) @11   10 years amain Create openWrt kernel headers image
(edit) @10   10 years amain Add support for WGT634u box
(edit) @9   10 years amain Fix several buildenv problems
(edit) @8   10 years amain Add initial support for the Cross-Compiler environment
(edit) @7   10 years amain Put real kernel version instead of configured version string into …
(edit) @6   10 years amain Add flash target: flash router using per target configured default IP
(edit) @5   10 years amain Add openwrt/deliver target
(edit) @4   10 years amain Rename Prepare openwrt/delivery environment vars
(edit) @3   10 years amain Add openwrt/merge-config: merge debwrt config with openwrt config Add …
(edit) @2   10 years amain Add OpenWrt checkout, patch and menuconfig. Add general support for …
(add) @1   10 years amain Initial import of the build environment for DebWrt
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