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(edit) @151   12 years amain debian/buildenv: sudo now installs without interuptuon
(edit) @139   12 years amain fix: #50, Buildenv create stops to ask question about existing /etc/sudoers
(edit) @134   12 years amain fix bug 17: E: package apt-cross has no installation candidate. Always …
(edit) @105   12 years amain rootfs: fix mkfifo: cannot create fifo
(edit) @101   12 years amain Add deb-src line to apt/sources.list
(edit) @99   12 years amain Install automake in buildenv
(edit) @77   12 years amain Add subversion to buildenv
(edit) @61   12 years amain Start implementing create of debian rootfs
(edit) @54   12 years amain Make debwrt-kernel-headers auto use compiled openwrt kernel-headers or …
(edit) @52   12 years amain Fix makefile dependancy problems and include in debian package
(edit) @51   12 years amain Several fixes. Mainly to make cross compile env multi-arch
(edit) @50   12 years amain Fix some dependancies
(edit) @46   12 years amain Finish debwrt-kernel-header package and create dependancies
(edit) @44   12 years amain Fix libnl ( now really cross-compile ) Add package iw
(edit) @41   12 years amain LC_ALL=C for Sb2
(edit) @39   12 years amain Add dpkg-cross and apt-cross to build env
(edit) @37   12 years amain Switch from scratchbox2 to emdebian/dpkg-cross Add apt repository for …
(edit) @25   12 years amain Fix buildenv to use correct debootstrap debian release
(edit) @23   12 years amain Use latest qemu (0.12.4)
(edit) @19   12 years amain Replace CONFIG_DEBWRT_TARGET_ARCH with CONFIG_TARGET_ARCH
(edit) @17   12 years amain Fixed config merge problem and imported all current OpenWrt supported …
(edit) @16   13 years amain Add sudo openssh-client packages to chroot
(edit) @15   13 years amain debian/buildenv/prepare: make it target arch aware
(add) @9   13 years amain Fix several buildenv problems
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