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(edit) @269   9 years amain Add plugin support. Automatically apply patches to DebWrt and openWrt …
(edit) @173   9 years amain make clean: fix some stupid typos - fixes ticket #87
(edit) @165   9 years amain config: Don't set alternate openwrt download location. Normal users in …
(edit) @154   9 years amain Force language to LC_ALL...better for bug reports
(edit) @149   9 years amain fix make home target dependancy
(edit) @137   9 years amain makefile: make make home first do a make menuconfig
(edit) @135   9 years amain makefile: update complete message
(edit) @124   9 years amain make home: don't just append my preferred apt-cacher urls but replace …
(edit) @119   9 years amain fix ticket #6: remove local apt-cacher config to make it more suitable …
(edit) @116   9 years amain debwrt: update make clean targets
(edit) @91   9 years amain make all: should now build the kernel and debian rootfs (including …
(edit) @65   9 years amain Extend debian rootfs and prepare for second stage install using custom rcS
(edit) @52   9 years amain Fix makefile dependancy problems and include in debian package
(edit) @28   9 years amain Create empty rootfs for firmware image to prevent the firmware image …
(edit) @26   9 years amain Add netconsole support
(edit) @22   10 years amain Create new version label: 1.1 Updated UBNT image names
(edit) @17   10 years amain Fixed config merge problem and imported all current OpenWrt supported …
(edit) @8   10 years amain Add initial support for the Cross-Compiler environment
(edit) @6   10 years amain Add flash target: flash router using per target configured default IP
(edit) @3   10 years amain Add openwrt/merge-config: merge debwrt config with openwrt config Add …
(edit) @2   10 years amain Add OpenWrt checkout, patch and menuconfig. Add general support for …
(add) @1   10 years amain Initial import of the build environment for DebWrt
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