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Jun 26, 2013, 11:25:44 PM (6 years ago)

Merge contrib branch 340:516. Main features added:

  • updated plugin architecture
  • improved patch system
  • bitten continous integration support
  • sever build fixed over time to remain in sync with OpenWrt
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  • trunk/openwrt/patches/README

    r218 r517  
     1DebWrt patch subsystem to patch OpenWrt
    2 Original had this directory only "patches".
     3Reworked by ehem since r349. Thanks!
    4 Later as the 'generate' script added
    5 which generates "patches" from  .in files and other files such as .sed files.
     5all/      Patches that apply to all branches of OpenWrt
     6trunk/    Patches that apply only to OpenWrt trunk
     7backfire/ Patches that apply only to OpenWrt backfire branch
    7 The 'generate proces' is _not integrated_ in the build process.
    8 At least not at the time it was introduced.
     9Patches in these directories must have filenames of the form:
     12        Apply patch to all revisions
     14        The portions in brackets [] are optional.  If present, <branch> will
     15        cause the patch to only be applied to the indicated branch of OpenWrt,
     16        "all" will make it applIy to all branches.  <first> and <last> are used
     17        to indicate an inclusive range of OpenWrt revisions which the patch
     18        applies to.  If <last> is omitted, it will be applied to all revisions
     19        after <first>.  If <first> is omitted, it will be applied to all
     20        revisions before <last>.  If <first> equals <last>, it will be applied
     21        to that single revision.  If <first> is greater than <last>, it will
     22        never be used.
     25<nnn>  is used to set order of application. Lower numbered patches are applied
     26       first.  The ordering is done by running the list of patches through
     27       `sort`, as a result,  "1000_foo" will be done before "200_bar".  The
     28       branch and revision tags are removed prior sorting, so they will not
     29       influence the order of application.  Note that all patches in all patch
     30       directories are listed, sorted and then applied as a single group in one
     31       pass!
     33<desc> contains a functional description of the patch. Usually separated by
     34       underscores.
     36Minor technical note: The script is actually trying to parse everything up to
     37the first underscore. Everything after that is ignored.
     40Patches are applied inside the checked out OpenWRT using `patch -p1`.  Most
     41patches are distributed with this level of prefix.  If you encounter one that
     42was setup for application using `patch -p0`, the following command can be
     43used to remedy the situation:
     44`sed -e's/^\(\(+++\)\|\(---\)\) /\1 openwrt\//' -i`
     47Patch make targets
     49make openwrt/patch              - Exit when a patch fails
     50maken openwrt/unpatch           - Exit when an unpatch fails
     51make openwrt/patch/force        - Try to apply all patches
     52maken openwrt/unpatch/force     - Try to unapply all patches
     54The force options are very usefull when developping.
     57Create new patch example
     59cd build/openwrt-<...>/
     60wget -O packages/broadcom-wl/patches/999_remove_IRWF_SAMPLE_RANDOM \
     62diff -Nu packages/broadcom-wl/patchesnew/999_remove_IRWF_SAMPLE_RANDOM \
     63         packages/broadcom-wl/patches/999_remove_IRWF_SAMPLE_RANDOM \
     64         > ../../030-33559:_broadcom-wl_remove_IRWF_SAMPLE_RANDOM.patch
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