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Oct 6, 2012, 1:27:09 AM (10 years ago)

Everyone's favorite, documentation. Hopefully this is an improvement over
the last version. Also adding a mention of the ability to include a branch
name in the filename, unlikely to be used by DebWRT patches, but quite possibly
useful for plugin patches to OpenWRT.

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  • branches/contrib/openwrt/patches/README

    r390 r406  
    77backfire/ Patches that apply only to OpenWrt backfire branch
    9 Patches in these directories have the following format:
     9Patches in these directories must have filenames of the form:
    11 nnn_<desc>          Apply patch to all revisions
    12 nnn-[b]:[e]_<desc>  Apply patch to revisions b through e, inclusive. If
    13                     b is omitted, it will be applied to all revisions
    14                     before e. If e is ommitted, it will be applied to all
    15                     revisions after b. If b equals e, it will be applied
    16                     to only a single revision. If b is greater than e, it
    17                     will never be used.
     12        Apply patch to all revisions
     14        The portions in brackets [] are optional.  If present, <branch> will
     15        cause the patch to only be applied to the indicated branch of OpenWrt,
     16        "all" will make it applIy to all branches.  <first> and <last> are used
     17        to indicate an inclusive range of OpenWrt revisions which the patch
     18        applies to.  If <last> is omitted, it will be applied to all revisions
     19        after <first>.  If <first> is omitted, it will be applied to all
     20        revisions before <last>.  If <first> equals <last>, it will be applied
     21        to that single revision.  If <first> is greater than <last>, it will
     22        never be used.
    19 <desc> contains a functional description of the patch. Prefereably seperated
    20        by _.
    22 Patches are applied in order of nnn.
     25<nnn>  is used to set order of application. Lower numbered patches are applied
     26       first. The ordering is done by running the list of patches through
     27       `sort`, as a result,  "1000_foo" will be done before "200_bar".
     29<desc> contains a functional description of the patch. Usually separated by
     30       underscores.
     32Minor technical note: The script is actually trying to parse everything up to
     33the first underscore. Everything after that is ignored.
     36Patches are applied inside the checked out OpenWRT using `patch -p0`. Patches
     37directly from other sources may need to be adjusted to match this (the command
     38`sed -e's/^\(\(+++\)\|\(---\)\) [^\/]*\//\1 /' -i` will do this).
    2441Make targets
    3552diff -Nu packages/broadcom-wl/patchesnew/999_remove_IRWF_SAMPLE_RANDOM \
    3653         packages/broadcom-wl/patches/999_remove_IRWF_SAMPLE_RANDOM \
    37          > ../../030-33559:broadcom-wl_remove_IRWF_SAMPLE_RANDOM.patch
     54         > ../../030-33559:_broadcom-wl_remove_IRWF_SAMPLE_RANDOM.patch
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