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1DebWrt plugins support
5  plugins/<plugin-name/        - plugin directory
6  plugins/<plugin-name/debwrt  - debwrt patches
7  plugins/<plugin-name/openwrt - openwrt patches
8  plugins/<plugin-name/README  - information about the plugin
10All plugins are enabled by default and all patches part of the plugin will be
11applied to DebWrt and OpenWrt. Use the make <taget> PLUGIN=<plugin-name> to
12only apply one plugin.
14The DebWrt patches are automatically applied in sort order before
15make (menu)config. OpenWrt patches are automatically applied in sort order
16after OpenWrt has been checked out.
18Make targets to manage plugings. Normally only needed when developing a plugin. Targets:
20  make plugins/apply             - Apply debwrt patches and show message openwrt patches are done later
21  make plugins/apply-debwrt      - Apply debwrt patches
22  make plugins/apply-openwrt     - Apply openwrt patches
23  make plugins/de-apply          - De apply debwrt and openwrt patches
24  make plugins/de-apply-debwrt   - Apply debwrt patches
25  make plugins/de-apply-openwrt  - Apply openwrt patches
26  make plugins/clean             - Clean up apply and de-apply states
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