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  • bitten continous integration support
  • sever build fixed over time to remain in sync with OpenWrt
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1DebWrt plugins support
5  plugins/<plugin-name>/           - plugin directory
6  plugins/<plugin-name>/README     - information about the plugin
7  plugins/<plugin-name>/  - included as a Makefile by
8  plugins/<plugin-name>/debwrt     - debwrt patches
9  plugins/<plugin-name>/openwrt    - openwrt patches
11All plugins are enabled by default and all patches part of the plugin will be
12applied to DebWrt and OpenWrt. Use the make <target> PLUGIN=<plugin-name> to
13only apply one plugin.
15The DebWrt patches are automatically applied in `sort`-ed order before
16make (menu)config.
18OpenWrt patches are applied at the same time as DebWrt's patches to OpenWrt.
19Patches can be target at specific branches or ranges of revision based on
20filename.  Refer to openwrt/patches/README for imformation on the process.
21Note patches MUST follow the rules in openwrt/patches/README as otherwise they
22will not be applied!
23 is included by the Makefile.  See
25plugins/example/ for an example.  Note most rules will require
26$(PLUGIN_ID) to be copied into a pattern-specific variable.
29Make targets to manage plugings. Normally only needed when developing a plugin. Targets:
31  make plugins/apply   - Apply debwrt patches and show message openwrt patches are done later
32  make plugins/remove  - Remove debwrt patches
33  make plugins/clean   - Clean up apply and de-apply states
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