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mini-buildd / schroot patch and instructions

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    186186        # Workaround: We use apt-key explicitly later, so we need gnupg.
    187187        # Workaround: We need to do it early (with the source chroot's base source only) to avoid apt warnings.
    188188        # Workaround: Maybe [trusted=yes] is an option for later (>=wheezy) (see man sources.list).
    189         sbuild_cmd += ["--chroot-setup-command", "apt-get update",
    190                        "--chroot-setup-command", "apt-get --yes --option=APT::Install-Recommends=false install gnupg"]
     189        sbuild_cmd += ["--chroot-setup-command", "apt-get update" ]
    192191        sbuild_cmd += ["--chroot-setup-command", "cp {s} /etc/apt/sources.list".format(s=sources_list_file),
    193192                       "--chroot-setup-command", "cat /etc/apt/sources.list",
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