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2Debwrt mimics more the Openwrt kernel policy as the Debian kernel policy.
4Debian builds a generic bare kernel and installs modules.
5Openwrt builds a fairly complete (device specific) kernels
6and provides a mechanicisme to add exta modules.
8Debwrt uses a slightly modified Openwrt kernel. Installing additional
9kernel modules can be done the Debian way when the modules are
10in root filesystem.
12Debwrt does build the kernel modules, but default they are NOT copied
13into the rootfs. (The root filesystem is non kernel version dependent)
15The kernel modules are after
16 make openwrt/all
17in the file bin/$BOARD/debwrt-modules-<VERSION>.tar.gz
19To make life a little less painfull the following make target exists:
20 make debian/rootfs/modules-install
21which will extract the tar.gz automatically into the rootfs build dir.
23(Look in file debian/rootgs/ for some more interesting make targets.)
26If you are allready on the running debwrt system, then it is okay
27to copy over the .tar.gz with the kernel modules and untar it.
29Something like:
30 export A=me # Account
31 export B=brcm47xx # BOARD
32 export S=-Broadcom-b43 # Sub board
33 export T=/usr/src/debwrt # Top directory
34 export W=-angel-2.0-1 # DebWRT version
35 #
36 cd /tmp
37 scp ${A}@hq:${T}/bin/${B}${W}-default/debwrt-modules-${B}${S}-$(uname \
38  -r)${W}.tar.gz km.tgz
39 tar xzf km.tgz  --directory /
40 rm km.tgz
41Where 'hq' is your development server on the network.
43To get the same result while avoiding the intermediate storage
44and doing the gunzip calculation on the development computer:
45 export A=me # Account
46 export B=brcm47xx # BOARD
47 export S=-Broadcom-b43 # Sub board
48 export T=/usr/src/debwrt # Top directory
49 export W=-angel-2.0-1 # DebWRT version
50 #
51 ssh ${A}@hq zcat \
52  ${T}/bin/${B}${W}-default/debwrt-modules-${B}${S}-$(uname -r)${W}.tar.gz \
53 | tar x  --directory /
55To avoid 'time stamp in the future' messages, set date, example given
56 date --utc 051619562011
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