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rootfs: disable dnsmasq by default

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1# This file has five functions:
2# 1) to completely disable starting dnsmasq,
3# 2) to set DOMAIN_SUFFIX by running `dnsdomainname`
4# 3) to select an alternative config file
5#    by setting DNSMASQ_OPTS to --conf-file=<file>
6# 4) to tell dnsmasq to read the files in /etc/dnsmasq.d for
7#    more configuration variables.
8# 5) to stop the resolvconf package from controlling dnsmasq's
9#    idea of which upstream nameservers to use.
10# For upgraders from very old versions, all the shell variables set
11# here in previous versions are still honored by the init script
12# so if you just keep your old version of this file nothing will break.
17# Whether or not to run the dnsmasq daemon; set to 0 to disable.
20# By default search this drop directory for configuration options.
21# Libvirt leaves a file here to make the system dnsmasq play nice.
22# Comment out this line if you don't want this. The dpkg-* are file
23# endings which cause dnsmasq to skip that file. This avoids pulling
24# in backups made by dpkg.
27# If the resolvconf package is installed, dnsmasq will use its output
28# rather than the contents of /etc/resolv.conf to find upstream
29# nameservers. Uncommenting this line inhibits this behaviour.
30# Not that including a "resolv-file=<filename>" line in
31# /etc/dnsmasq.conf is not enough to override resolvconf if it is
32# installed: the line below must be uncommented.
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