source: branches/contrib/openwrt/patches/all/in.011_disable_all_openwrt_packages @ 349

Last change on this file since 349 was 349, checked in by ehem, 11 years ago

Rework the openwrt/patch target. Instead of patching with a hand-rolled
list of patches, scan the appropriate directories for patch files. Patch
filenames now MUST match the pattern [0-9]+(-[0-9]*:[0-9]*)_<name>. The
lead digits specify order of application, lower numbers are applied
first. If present, the two subsequent numbers indicate a range of
Subversion revisions that a given patch applies to. If a number is
absent, the range is interpreted to include all older revisions or all
newer revisions as appropriate.

Adjust openwrt/unpatch target to match (patches are now removed in
reverse order). Adjust the generate script to match.

File size: 833 bytes
[218]1--- include/     2010-01-02 00:28:44.000000000 +0100
2+++ include/ 2010-01-02 00:14:07.000000000 +0100
3@@ -49,6 +49,12 @@
4                f=tmp/.$${type}info; t=tmp/.config-$${type}.in; \
5                [ "$$t" -nt "$$f" ] || ./scripts/ $${type}_config "$$f" > "$$t" || { rm -f "$$t"; echo "Failed to build $$t"; false; break; }; \
6        done
7+       # DebWrt: we don't need to build any packages by default, so we disable them
8+       #         all. This allows us to have fine control over which packages we
9+       #         want to build.
10+       sed --file=./scripts/debwrt_disables_packages.sed \
11+               tmp/ > tmp/
12+       mv tmp/ tmp/
13        ./scripts/ package_mk tmp/.packageinfo > tmp/.packagedeps || { rm -f tmp/.packagedeps; false; }
14        touch $(TOPDIR)/tmp/.build
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